Rooibos or Red Bush plant
, indigenous to South Africa, has now been documented by independent studies showing significant improvement in hair growth. This is no surprise to D.R. Segal, a South African Pharmacist, who is familiar with the ÔsecretsÕ of the plant life of Africa. His source of evidence came from an African tribe. His father Lou, also a Pharmacist, found that they were unknowingly growing thick, strong and healthy looking hair as they were applying a mixture of plants and leaves to their heads for ritual purposes.

Successful Results Reported
This botanical extract, a mixture of leaves, flowers and roots, subsequently became the basis of a line of hair and scalp products yielding excellent results amongst his Pharmacy clients in Cape Town, South Africa. Reports of reduced hair loss, control of thinning hair, elimination of dandruff and itchy scalp came from hundreds of people. Even new hair growth was reported.

Everything you need to know to achieve the best hair possible
Free book included in the 3-Step Kit
To treat hair loss effectively, you need to make a few simple changes to your daily lifestyle. You will be amazed at how a correct daily massage, improved nutrition and a reduction in stress can do for your hair!
You will soon notice your hair becoming thicker and fuller with increased body, shine and lustre.

A true blend of Science & Nature
Pharmacist D.R. Segal incorporated the unique South African herb
with the latest in haircare technology:

African Pygeum
Saw Palmetto
Aloe Vera
Hemp Seed Oil
Ginkgo Biloba
Green Tea
Shea Butter
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Cayenne Pepper

Nature's Gift for Hair
The world of plant life is full of mysterious secrets. We are interconnected with nature and our bodies accordingly respond to its natural ingredients. Herbs help Hair Grow is a delicate balanced ratio of some of the nutrients that come from the roots of plants to feed the roots of your hair.

You will notice a visible difference
Studies done on users of a Rooibos Hair Lotion showed the following results:

  • 67% noticed a reduction in hair loss
  • 78% saw a dramatic improvement is hair quality & thickness
  • 45% saw low to medium regrowth of their hair <
    Independent studies after 90 days of use. Results may vary.
Fight the problem of thinning hair not only from the outside but also from the inside. Hair Supplement is a blend of the best known Herbal Extracts for hair growth including Silica (7% Aqueous Horsetail Extract), Fo-Ti, Kelp (high in Iodine), Nettle and the latest breakthrough herb Saw Palmetto. This hair supplement works synergistically to potentate the results of the Scalp Formula.

Nutrient Conditioner
Strengthens your hair, adding volume, shine and manageability. Your hair will comb easily, making it feel soft without looking weighted down or greasy. It also protects your hair from problems caused by styling, blow-drying and the environment.

Hair Reviving Scalp Formula
A balanced compound of exotic botanical herbs and active ingredients. When massaged into the scalp, it helps nourish and activate the scalp and hair to create the ideal environment essential for thicker, fuller and stronger looking hair growth.
Scalp Cleaning Shampoo
Contains just the right blend of botanical extracts, herbs and vitamins. It effectively removes toxins and impurities, which can often lead to thinning hair. At the same time it gently cleans the scalp and prepares the hair follicles for the nuturing properties found in the Hair Reviving Formula.

Hair Supplement